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Romantic. Timeless. Joyful.

Nathan & Val

This was a beautiful wedding we were able to do for a family friend. You truly feel like you were there for their special day! Enjoy this video as we guarantee it will bring some smiles!

Bong & Kay

Now if you want to smile a lot, you will want to get to know this couple and their family. Nothing but joy and happy tears on this wedding day in Colorado Springs. The first time these two met, Kay poked Bong in the eye. It was love after first sight....or poke haha.


This wedding took place in Indiana. It poured down rain most of the day, but we were able to take the wedding party to an indoor garden in downtown Indianapolis. This was perfect for the rainy day we experienced! 

Ty & Maddie
It is awesome how many amazing couples we get to work with; these two were no exception! With a beautiful venue next to a river surrounded by amazing fall colors, you can just imagine how much fun this day was.


This wedding took place in a beautiful venue overlooking a golf course in Greenwood, IN. John's kids made the day a blast. His youngest son, Kobe had the best smile around! We enjoyed spending the day with their family on one of the best days of their life! We wish you both well on your next adventures!

Lauren & Eric 

This was such a beautiful location in the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado. The whole day was surrounded by close friends and family.  We really felt like family after a day with them.


This was a very small private ceremony that took place in the middle of Aspen trees in Mancos, Colorado. This was our first wedding video after the corona virus  hit in 2020. It was a joy to get back out and video the love that was expressed through these two sweethearts.


This wedding took place in a little white church in Indiana. Although it was a warm day, we were able to find some shade under the beautiful green trees at a local park. This special couple waited until their wedding day to kiss for the first time, and it was the sweetest thing to witness. 

Videography is becoming an important part of weddings. We offer packages with photo and video, but if you are looking to remember your day that captures the emotions and events, we offer three packages.
Silver- We cover just the basics of the day. Creating a short highlight film of just the highlights of your special day. This is typically the type of film you see on social media that is a few minutes long.
Gold- This is a option where we are with you the whole day. We are your personal paparazzi following you around capturing your journey from start to finish.
Platinum- Combining the previous options, this would also include a wedding documentary film. Instead of relying on someone to try and record the ceremony, vows, etc. we can also do that for you. 
Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
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