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Here are a few tips and tricks for taking photos in the snow!

  1. Boots are your biggest ally in the snow! The taller the boot the better-- they can be hidden by a long dress or styled with your favorite jeans adding a cute western look to your session.

  2. Wool socks add extra warmth to keep your toes all nice and cozy.

  3. Bundle up! Bring extra warm scarfs and blankets to keep warm in between pictures. Cozy pictures make for the best pictures!

  4. Have a snow ball fight! Sometimes just playing in the snow makes your session look realistic.

  5. Dont look cold-- as hard as this is try to do your best to make your partner or family members laugh so you don't look like you are shivering.

We found a beautiful mountain backdrop right off the side of the road in Hesperus, Colorado. The beautiful mountains were dusted with the perfect white snow making the blues and purples of the mountains gloriously pop.

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