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Meet the Photographers

A little more about us...

We dated long distance for three long years and finally tied the knot during the pandemic of 2020! What a year to get married! Ha!

We live in Colorado now, but that doesn't stop us from traveling for weddings and other events. A typical weekend for us means bouncing between flights or road tripping to meet our clients.

We love working together and we bounce off each other's talent very well. Luke works as a fireman and a youth pastor during the week. Spring does most of the editing and is always looking for another adventure!

It would be our pleasure to meet & capture memories for you!

Our Work

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You can email either of us at:


       5 Reasons you should consider us.

1. Professional Shots:

      We bring your photos to a whole new level with our equipment. No need to stay in the dark ages with us, we'll bring your shots above the others. We will be sure to make every session a success because we are confident you'll love your pictures.

2. Passion to Capture:

      Our goal is to make others see the beauty in your life by capturing it through our lens. We believe life is precious and we want every special moment to be remembered. We will be sure you love your photos, if not, your money back, guaranteed! *some restrictions apply

3. Flexibility:

      We work easily with your time and schedule. Sometimes trying to plan and schedule a photo shoot can be confusing and difficult. We at Timeberlinewill be sure to make set-up, planning and the actual session go as smooth as possible. We have a passion to capture moments that you will never want to forget so we are sure to capture those moments when you need them where you need them. *travel fee applied to distances over 25miles.

4. Prices:

      We all know that getting pictures can be a bit pricey, especially when you get them done professionally. Let us help you get the pictures you want with a price that won't break the bank. We keep our prices low because it shouldn't cost a fortune to remember your life. 

5. Fast Edits:

      We guarantee you will have your photos within 7 days*. You shouldn't have to wait a lifetime to get your pictures back to you. We work fast and professionally to help streamline the process. 

*some restrictions apply

Our Process

1. Plan Your Event

    Let's get you on the schedule! It is important to plan ahead. Get a head start on others as we put a date to your session.

2. Plan Your Shots

     We have a full set of poses and ideas in mind for every event and sometimes it is hard to find a photographer who will listen to what you want. We listen, and give you just what you want. If you need some ideas, we can get creative.

3. Time to Shoot.

     When it is time to get the shots you want, you should not have to stress and wonder if you are getting what you want. We will make sure you can focus on your event and enjoy those moments without the hassle of wondering if it will be remembered the way it happened. We will be sure the setup is timely and that every subject is comfortable and feels as beautiful as they are!

4. Touch Ups

     We can send you your photos without any touchups if you would like to see them before hand. You can then suggest different edits and we will edit the shots to meet your desires. 

5. Enjoy the memories

    We will get your photos to you digitally for you to download and we can also send them to you on a disc or USB, Your choice! We will be sure to get your photos to you and we are sure you will love them as much as we do!

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